Where Are We

Based In southern England (Hertfordshire) and previously in mainly the Directory Industry. However, as trends have changed, we’ve moved away from general web directories to now running a region-based UK business directory.

Our Directory

UKLBD is a established well maintained local uk business directory of services. We constantly update our business categories and are always looking at ways we can improve our site for both visitors and business owners.

How We Can Help Your Business

1. We’ve spent a lot of time and effort getting our 'Location' and 'Category' pages well-listed in search engine results so visitors searching for local businesses will find and view business profiles local to them listed within our database.

2. Business information submitted is used within the 'MetaTitle', 'MetaDescription' & 'H1 Title' tag to help keep all business profile pages unique. Plus, we use information that is regarded important for search engine optimisation when people search for local business services via Google, Bing & Yahoo to name a few.

3. When new content is added we update sitemaps within search engines for 'Locations, Categories & Listing detail profile pages', helping with faster indexing in search engine results.

UKLBD In Search Engines

We update these figures from time to time and at last check we have the following total pages listed in below search engines -

- Google / 3,570 results.
- Yahoo / 930 results.
- Bing / 930 results.

last updated on 24/10/2020

UKLBD Live Traffic Stats

Don't take our word for it! View our live traffic stats to get an idea on how much traffic our directory gets on a Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Yearly basis - 'View Traffic Stats'.

UKLBD Business Page Views

If your wondering how many views our business listing detail pages get. We added a 'Total Live Counter' in the footer section of our site that automatically counts the total number of views in real time.

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If you’re a business owner, looking to try and grow your online presence then consider adding your business: It only takes a few minutes to do and it's free - 'Submit Now'.

Browse Or Search Our Database Of Services

If you’re a site visitor, looking for services offered in and around the UK, Search or browse local business listings by region, county and business type, Browse 'Businesses By Location.




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