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UKLBD is mobile friendly across all devices for better viewing / user experience. We have optimized our site for mobile devices as people now search the internet this way more than on a desktop computer.

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Search engines like (Google, Yahoo & Bing) get updated via sitemaps when suggested businesses are reviewed & approved. UKLBD is now showing on 1st page results with below search engines using keyword phrases related to our site.

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Our editorial team generally aim to review suggested UK Business listings within 3 - 7 working business days.

Business Owners can submit the following (Not All Required) information & can choose either a 'Nofollow' or 'Dofollow' link attribute if adding a business website URL -

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Watch our YouTube clip - here.

Business owners can submit a listing with-out the need to register and will have the ability to edit in the future using a unique code. If you want to keep all your Business Listings in one place - Register First, login, then suggest.



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