Submission Rules

Please view below information on submitting a uk business listing.

UKLBD is a Business Directory, as such all businesses must have a physical trading address.

# Note that all new / edited business listings are subject to review & acceptance by our editorial team.


Please note that our directory is aimed at UK audiences only, any businesses submitted other than in the uk will not be approved and all associated data will be deleted.

Locations may not be 100% accurate as Borders of Regions & Counties do change.


Category Choice
Needs to reflect your uk business activities.

Company Name
This is your Trading name, do not put any other wording in as our system will automatically add 'Location' details to 'MetaTitle'.

This should be a brief description of business services that you offer. Do Not put any contact details in this area or stuff with keywords.

Company Logo
Upload your business logo, please do not leave blank.

Company Phone
This can be a Landline and or mobile.

Select a main region & county (then town or village if available) as this data is used throughout our site when visitors are searching & browsing local business listings.

Full Address
Used in 'MetaData', 'Map Function' and in 'Location' & 'Search' results.

Used throughout our site.

Business Url
If adding a website, generally must be top level as in ( only, not (, the only exception for '' is if your business has 'Branches' in multiple locations nationwide that uses a different main url.

Business Hours
Good to add as visitors looking for business services may want to know this information.

Must be a live working and monitored account. This is so important as not only is it used for us but also if visitors want to contact business owners using our built in 'Send A Message' form.

Contact Person
Used in the 'Send a Message' form.


Our editorial team will edit and or gather required missing information to a point but they will not tolerate any blatant misuse of any submission forms on the UKLBD website.


UKLBD will automatically promote submitted approved business listing data on Social networks and Youtube. This is done to help further promote business listing detail profile pages.



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