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Akr Light Haulage Limited

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AKR Light Haulage is a family run business. We are conscientious and well established in the field of National & International Freight Forwarding. Due to demand and varying needs of our customer, we transport goods using 4m flatbed trucks. We are a UK based light haulage company and can transport goods up and down the UK. Our flatbeds are ideal for transporting heavy or bulky loads. You get extra floor space with a flatbed truck enough to carry 8 pallets. We find a 4m flatbed is suitable for carrying heavy materials and goods to any destination. Therefore, we are experts in the transportation of construction materials, scaffolding and engineering goods. Literally, anything that fits on the van within weight capacity can be moved anywhere in the country.


Bolton, Greater Manchester, ENGLAND

Full Address:

87 Turner Bridge Rd, Bolton, England, BL2 2RS, United Kingdom



Akr Light Haulage Limited

Listing added on: 17/08/20
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Akr Light Haulage Limited
87 Turner Bridge Rd, Bolton, England, BL2 2RS, United Kingdom
Bolton, Greater Manchester, ENGLAND

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