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Basildon Stone

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Business Description

Basildon Stone provides a specialist service for the cleaning of all Stone & Brick facades.
Our expertise allows us to provide a complete and professional service throughout London and the surrounding counties. Over the years we have worked closely with English Heritage and Local Conservation Groups providing an expert service in the care and preservation of all masonry. Using tried and tested cleaning methods, we aim to provide our customers with a high quality service that will achieve positive and prominent results.
Our dedication to quality is second to none and can be viewed in our extensive portfolio.


South Benfleet, Essex, ENGLAND

Full Address:

259 Church Rd, Benfleet, Essex, UK SS7 4QN



Basildon Stone

Listing added on: 12/03/20
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Basildon Stone
259 Church Rd, Benfleet, Essex, UK SS7 4QN
South Benfleet, Essex, ENGLAND

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