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Rickys Bicycle Tours

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Explore the hidden gems of alluring Scotland with Ricky’s Bicycle Tour. Our professional guide, Riccardo takes you to some of the fascinating destinations, forests, lakes all along the trek so you can feel the vibe of beautiful nature and experience the moments you always wished for. Whether you want an off-bike sporty ride tour to the historical city, a thrilling adventurous bike trek to mountains or a customised private tour- we are the best fit. We also offer airport transfers, train transfers, taxi transport and bike shuttles in our spacious, well-maintained, safety checked vehicles. So, what are you waiting for? Call our experts today and plan the unforgettable trip of your lifetime.


Edinburgh, SCOTLAND

Full Address:

97 - 98 Harrison Rd, Edinburgh EH11 1LT



Rickys Bicycle Tours

Listing added on: 02/10/20
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Rickys Bicycle Tours
97 - 98 Harrison Rd, Edinburgh EH11 1LT
Edinburgh, SCOTLAND

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