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Since 2003, Shifa Ali has been the shining light for people’s dark problems in uk. Our service has eliminated boundaries for people looking for Spiritual Healing for any of their problems. No longer you have to travel great distances to see a Real Spiritual Healer. Shifa Ali is present all the time available on your smartphones, laptops or any other Internet connected devices. We Diagnose Spiritual Issues for our clients with real intent and truth. Our clients come to us with their problems and leave with a clean soul and no weight on their hearts. Whether you have any Black Magic Symptoms or any other attacks from unwanted entities of this world, our perfect Spiritual Therapist will heal all your problems.


Acton, London, ENGLAND

Full Address:

38 Crown Street, LONDON




Listing added on: 07/02/20
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38 Crown Street, LONDON
Acton, London, ENGLAND

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