DirectoryCritic.com For Sale On Flippa

Go back 10 years or so and DirectoryCritic was the go to resource for webmasters looking to promote a site and for directory owners to advertise.

When search engines rolled out new Algorithms to stop unnatural linking practices that was seen to be manipulating Rank, (They could have just altered this to a max limit and rank a site on other factors, My Opinion) but instead it put the fear of God into people and even now webmasters are reluctant to pay for advertising that includes a linkback because search engines might see it as Unnatural and penalized them for it.

As a result many web directories went or are just abandoned with less and less been started up today, This also had an impact on web directory script owners either calling it a day or scaling back.

It's a shame as the internet is about finding information and if a webmaster wants to pay another webmaster to advertise on a site and have a linkback they should be able to do this regardless of where else they have the site listed.




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