03/12/2020 UPDATE - Going from Free to Paid Review Only

For the last 10 months UKLBD has offered free business listing review types and enhanced featured for a small fee, we hoped with this and running Google Adsense we would cover the running costs and a little more for the time we spend reviewing submissions but sadly this has not been the case.

Although our visitor stats have grown over the months as have the daily submissions we have had only a small trickle of funding that has not covered the running costs never mind the hours spent each day reviewing free business listings and manually updating many areas of the site. All businesses small or large need to at least cover running costs to survive.

As a result to continue running we will be removing the FREE option and will be charging a small yearly review fee as of 03/12/2020. Any FREE listings submitted before this date will be reviewed for free in due course. 

All listing types have been and are for 1 Year at a time and any already FREE approved business listings will expire once this time frame has been met automatically or Guests / Members can delete a already approved FREE business listing by using the Unique code given at submission or login to the member area if they are concerned about the new changes from FREE to Paid review Only in regards to search engines but please note the fee is for a review, NOT a guaranteed listing approval.

We will be removing the FREE review option today (03/12/2020) and will be adding the PAID review option - Here.




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